extreme bike

Extreme Bike 2014

This year, too, the sports association Extreme Bike closes the season with great results!

Extreme Bike athletes certainly don’t lack for goals and victories: certificates got at the Alè challenge circuits and Prestige and Grappa racetracks, while in the mountain bike area stands out the third place at the “”campionato audace”” – “”daring competition””.

As if this weren’t enough, the partecipation to the 14 hours heroic competion is a great pride. This competion has a route of 205 Km to be done with vintage bikes and equipment, a real challenge even for the best trained.

Finally, a special appreciation must be shown to the group supporting the athlete who covered the distance Rovigo-Auschwitz in 7 days. A demanding trip, both physically and emotionally.

Ever more fierce, next yearExtreme Bike promises even more participation to the events, and even more determination.

We stand with you guys!