Plastic cable ties designed for tightening. Indicated for binding, fixing or sealing. They are useful in all the situations where a bond is needed. Cable ties available in different shapes and colors as seen in the range listed below.





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Wiring cable ties are a must for any professional electrician. Available in natural and  black, the PA6.6 material ensures reliable indoor or outdoor installation no matter where you’re working – indoors should use the natural color while outdoors opt for black! The special hooking system easily adjusts to fit multiple diameters of cables as well, so these versatile tools make life easy even if manual installations aren’t an option: just be sure your tool is adjusted accordingly with stress-level measurements based on size. Are unique colors more interesting? Cable tie tools come in various shades too – find what works best today!
Cieffeplast is the perfect source for finding reliable and high-quality plastic cable ties. Our products vary in size, material, color and are tested against CE and UL standards to ensure compliance with top industry quality requirements like fire resistance V2 or V0 according to UL 94. All this ensures that our customers receive flexible yet strong cables resistant from 8kg up to 114kg minimum; all packed neatly into bags of 50 pcs., 100pcs or 1 000pcs which contain important information such as product batch numbers adhering even more closely towards environmental sustainability goals. Located near Venice Italy but capable of delivering millions across the world by truck, air or sea quickly so clients can benefit instantly – one thing’s certain: you won’t regret entrusting us as your dependable plastic cable ties supplier!