Our FIXED idea

Italian company, manufacturer and seller of cable ties in plastic, fixing accessories and wall plugs. For many years it has been addressing the italian and international market, offering supplies of quality and flexibility.

We produce and sell technical items in plastic, especially cable ties sizes and wall plugs. We address the national and international market, offering flexibility and customized services. 

30 years of experience at your service

100% made in Italy production

Guaranteed quality of the products

High stock availability

Guide and support to the supply

Cieffeplast has produced technical plastic articles for years, specializing in products for fastening

In business since 1986, thanks to the wide experience of the founders in 2000 the company realizes the current production of plastic articles for fastening. Simple and flexible, the company is characterized by its major technology investment pursued for years; a constant that today ensures high productivity in fully automatic control. The technological background acquired over the years has made internationally known the “Cobra” line of products for fastening that includes cable ties and wall plugs. Present in numerous markets, Cieffeplast ensures high availability of stock and custom services. 

  1. 1986

    Business start-up

    The company initially dedicates itself to the production of plastic materials, obtaining experience in the assembly and in specific technical finishes.

  2. 1990

    The specialization in injection molding.

    Thanks to the experience of the founders, the business evolves and specializes in injection molding of plastics, producing articles for various sectors of the market. Given the diversity of the articles produced, some of which highly technical, the injection molding department is implemented with machinery and control instruments of the most advanced technology.

  3. 1991

    New departments: pad-printing and welding

    In support of a full service to its Customers, the new pad printing and ultrasonic welding department is realized, thus making possible the customization and supply of finished products.

  4. 1995

    Cieffeplast S.r.l. is born

    The activity follows the market trend and stabilizes as Cieffeplast S.r.l., becoming one of the most reliable manufacturers of plastic articles moulded by injection and offering a complete service on behalf of a third party from the mold design to the supply of assembled products, thus acquiring important domestic and international customers.

  5. 1996

    Our participation at trade fairs

    From 1996 to 1998 Cieffeplast participated in several trade fairs in order to reach international markets.
    To the left an archive photo of the stand at the “Fair Plast 1997”.

  6. 2000

    The birth of the line Cobra

    Cieffeplast decides to focus exclusively on the production of its own line of products, starting the production of cable ties with its Cobra brand.

  7. 2001

    The new offices in Maserà

    Relocation to the new offices built on a 4000 sq. m area, of which 2500 are covered. The new factory is realized with the aim of making possible a better organization for the production of cable ties. The production department, the flagship of Cieffeplast, has been carefully designed to obtain high-precision manufacturing processes.

  8. 2004

    Technical renovation and automation of the production department

    Cieffeplast completes the technical renovation and automation of the production department by optimizing the continuous cycle of 24 hours per day to guarantee the continuity and availability of stock.

  9. 2005

    Tenax wall plugs line

    To complete the range of articles for fixing, Cieffeplast starts the production of the line of Tenax wall plugs.

  10. cable tie in plastic nylon PA6.6 natural Cobra Cieffeplast

    Cieffeplast in the world

    The constant search for quality has led Cieffeplast to achieve important objectives in foreign markets exporting to many countries.

  11. Cieffeplast Cobra cable ties

    Cobra cable ties reach 60 countries

    The Company choices to work at its own pace and to consolidate the results achieved ensure continuity and upgrade.
    This propensity for the consolidation of results is allowing a steady global expansion that nowadays sees Cieffeplast Cobra cable ties exported to more than 60 countries.

  12. Cieffeplast Industria 4.0 Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0

    With a costant eye to the future, Cieffeplast decides to adhere to the Industry 4.0 plan and to improve industrial automation investing in interconnected production technologies, thus ensuring high levels of productivity.

  13. fast_delivery_container_international_cieffeplast_Cobra_cable_ties

    Faster deliveries

    The enlargement of the headquarters aims to strengthen the logistic service, so to grant fast responses and deliveries of millions of pieces in a short time.

  14. Cieffeplast web site

    Website Restyling

    The official website www.cieffeplast.com is renewed. More technical details and product information for a useful and interesting navigation.

COBRA cable ties

Product brand – Line of products branded Cobra

The guarantee of Cieffeplast in the control of all the processing steps, from the selection of raw materials to the packaging, is represented by the brand Cobra.
In 2000, we named our brand by choosing the word Cobra. The reasons behind this choice are definitely related to the king of reptiles. One of the most powerful snakes in the world, and according to herpetologists the most intelligent species among all snakes, combines some of its particularities with the range of cable ties and wall plugs that bears its name.
The reptile attacking position, its strong and large head, strong sharp teeth and elastic mandibular opening are features revisited and adapted in the products we produce. Also phonology helped us since it makes the mark readable in the same way in many countries.
Even though the Cobra is a very rare reptile in our country, we have not forgotten to keep the red and white colors that connect us to the area where the range of cable ties and wall plugs are designed and produced. Commonly known as zip ties or tie wraps , the Cobra plastic ties  is actually the professional representation of the reptilian grip that immobilizes everything it tightens. 

Company Brand Identity

The graphic logo that presents to the world the Paduan manufacturer of fastening articles in plastic, founded in 1986, is the hallmark that conveys our corporate identity; it is the Company’s character.
The company’s name comes from a reference to the founders’ initials, “C” and “F”, stretched to CIEFFE, and ends with “Plast”, plastic, the material we have been working for years. The factory and the manufacturing facilities are located in the province of Padua, and this is why the logo has been developed in white and red, the characteristic colors of the flag of the province, thus connecting us even more to our territory.
Inside the C we find the distinctive red point that we like to imagine is the beating “Heart” of Cieffeplast.

cieffeplast logo