Standard cable ties nylon PA6.6

Standard cable tie nylon

Standard cable ties nylon PA6.6

Standard cable tie nylon
Other versions available : 
Colored cable ties 
Heat stabilized cable ties 
UV stabilized cable ties

Wiring cable ties made of PA6.6, in natural and black colors, are suggested in natural color for indoor applications, and in black color for outdoor applications. The hooking system between the pawl and the rack permits the fixing of various diameters.

Easy manual installation. In case of a non manual installation, please make sure your tool is regulated for a stress in proportion to the size of the cable tie.

Cable ties tools and colored cable ties are available.

Cobra® cable ties have been tested in accordance to UL 62275 with certification number E468944.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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CodeDescriptionSize (mm)Max. bundle Ø (mm)Guaranteed min. tensile strenght (kg)Box QtyColour
9030PA66 CABLE TIE80 x 2,417830.000NATURAL
9050PA66 CABLE TIE100 x 2,5228,130.000NATURAL
9070PA66 CABLE TIE140 x 2,5 34 8,1 25.000NATURAL
9080PA66 CABLE TIE200 x 2,5538,120.000NATURAL
9090PA66 CABLE TIE160 x 2,5408,120.000NATURAL
9130PA66 CABLE TIE140 x 3,63318,220.000NATURAL
9150PA66 CABLE TIE200 x 3,65118,212.000NATURAL
9160PA66 CABLE TIE290 x 3,68018,212.000NATURAL
9170PA66 CABLE TIE360 x 3,610218,29.000NATURAL
9180PA66 CABLE TIE250 x 3,66718,212.000NATURAL
9240PA66 CABLE TIE160 x 4,84222,210.000NATURAL
9250PA66 CABLE TIE175 x 4,84222,210.000NATURAL
9260PA66 CABLE TIE200 x 4,85022,210.000NATURAL
9270PA66 CABLE TIE250 x 4,86622,210.000NATURAL
9280PA66 CABLE TIE290 x 4,87822,210.000NATURAL
9280PA66 CABLE TIE360 x 4,810022,27.500NATURAL
9300PA66 CABLE TIE430 x 4,812325,85.000NATURAL
9320PA66 CABLE TIE530 x 4,815525,83.000NATURAL
9410PA66 CABLE TIE200 x 7,64954,45.000NATURAL
9420PA66 CABLE TIE250 x 7,66454,45.000NATURAL
9430PA66 CABLE TIE290 x 7,67754,45.000NATURAL
9440PA66 CABLE TIE360 x 7,69854,44.000NATURAL
9450PA66 CABLE TIE450 x 7,612754,43.000NATURAL
9460PA66 CABLE TIE530 x 7,615254,42.500NATURAL
9470PA66 CABLE TIE750 x 7,62185,42.000NATURAL
9510PA66 CABLE TIE530 x 915079,82.000NATURAL
9520PA66 CABLE TIE780 x 922879,81.500NATURAL
9540PA66 CABLE TIE1500 x 946079,8500NATURAL
9590PA66 CABLE TIE1000 x 12,6295114600NATURAL
CodeDescriptionSize (mm)Max. bundle Ø (mm)Guaranteed min. tensile strenght (kg)Box QtyColour
9031PA66 CABLE TIE80 x 2,417830.000BLACK
9051PA66 CABLE TIE100 x 2,5228,130.000BLACK
9071PA66 CABLE TIE140 x 2,5348,125.000BLACK
9081PA66 CABLE TIE200 x 2,5538,120.000BLACK
9091PA66 CABLE TIE160 x 2,5408,120.000BLACK
9131PA66 CABLE TIE140 x 3,63318,220.000BLACK
9151PA66 CABLE TIE200 x 3,65118,212.000BLACK
9161PA66 CABLE TIE290 x 3,68018,212.000BLACK
9171PA66 CABLE TIE360 x 3,610218,29.000BLACK
9181PA66 CABLE TIE250 x 3,66718,212.000BLACK
9241PA66 CABLE TIE160 x 4,84222,210.000BLACK
9251PA66 CABLE TIE175 x 4,84222,210.000BLACK
9261PA66 CABLE TIE200 x 4,85022,210.000BLACK
9271PA66 CABLE TIE250 x 4,86622,210.000BLACK
9281PA66 CABLE TIE290 x 4,87822,210.000BLACK
9291PA66 CABLE TIE360 x 4,810022,27.500BLACK
9301PA66 CABLE TIE430 x 4,812325,85.000BLACK
9321PA66 CABLE TIE530 x 4,815525,83.000BLACK
9411PA66 CABLE TIE200 x 7,64954,45.000BLACK
9421PA66 CABLE TIE250 x 7,66454,45.000BLACK
9431PA66 CABLE TIE290 x 7,67754,45.000BLACK
9441PA66 CABLE TIE360 x 7,69854,44.000BLACK
9451PA66 CABLE TIE450 x 7,612754,43.000BLACK
9461PA66 CABLE TIE530 x 7,615254,42.500BLACK
9471PA66 CABLE TIE750 x 7,621854,42.000BLACK
9511PA66 CABLE TIE530 x 915079,82.000BLACK
9521PA66 CABLE TIE780 x 922879,81.500BLACK
9541PA66 CABLE TIE1500 x 946079,8500BLACK
9591PA66 CABLE TIE1000 x 12,6295114600BLACK
CodeDescriptionSize (mm)Max. bundle Ø (mm)Guaranteed min. tensile strenght (kg)Box QtyColour
9030CPA66 CABLE TIE80 x 2,41785.000NATURAL
9050CPA66 CABLE TIE100 x 2,5228,15.000NATURAL
9070CPA66 CABLE TIE140 x 2,5348,15.000NATURAL
9080CPA66 CABLE TIE200 x 2,5538,15.000NATURAL
9090CPA66 CABLE TIE160 x 2,5408,15.000NATURAL
9130CPA66 CABLE TIE140 x 3,63318,25.000NATURAL
9150CPA66 CABLE TIE200 x 3,65118,25.000NATURAL
9160CPA66 CABLE TIE290 x 3,68018,25.000NATURAL
9170CPA66 CABLE TIE360 x 3,610218,24.000NATURAL
9180CPA66 CABLE TIE250 x 3,66718,25.000NATURAL
9240CPA66 CABLE TIE160 x 4,84222,25.000NATURAL
9250CPA66 CABLE TIE175 x 4,84222,210.000NATURAL
9260CPA66 CABLE TIE200 x 4,85022,25.000NATURAL
9270CPA66 CABLE TIE250 x 4,86622,25.000NATURAL
9280CPA66 CABLE TIE290 x 4,87822,25.000NATURAL
9290CPA66 CABLE TIE360 x 4,810022,24.000NATURAL
9300CPA66 CABLE TIE430 x 4,812325,83.000NATURAL
9320CPA66 CABLE TIE530 x 4,815525,81.000NATURAL
9410CPA66 CABLE TIE200 x 7,64954,42.000NATURAL
9420CPA66 CABLE TIE250 x 7,66454,42.000NATURAL
9430CPA66 CABLE TIE290 x 7,67754,42.000NATURAL
9440CPA66 CABLE TIE360 x 7,69854,42.000NATURAL
9450CPA66 CABLE TIE450 x 7,612754,41.500NATURAL
9460CPA66 CABLE TIE530 x 7,615254,41.000NATURAL
9470CPA66 CABLE TIE750 x 7,621854,4500NATURAL
9510CPA66 CABLE TIE530 x 915079,81.000NATURAL
9520CPA66 CABLE TIE780 x 922879,8500NATURAL
CodeDescriptionSize (mm)Max. bundle Ø (mm)Guaranteed min. tensile strenght (kg)Box QtyColour
9031CPA66 CABLE TIE80 x 2,41785.000BLACK
9051CPA66 CABLE TIE100 x 2,5228,15.000BLACK
9071CPA66 CABLE TIE140 x 2,5348,15.000BLACK
9081CPA66 CABLE TIE200 x 2,5538,15.000BLACK
9091CPA66 CABLE TIE160 x 2,5408,15.000BLACK
9131CPA66 CABLE TIE140 x 3,63318,25.000BLACK
9151CPA66 CABLE TIE200 x 3,65118,25.000BLACK
9161PA66 CABLE TIE290 x 3,68018,25.000BLACK
9171CPA66 CABLE TIE360 x 3,610218,24.000BLACK
9181CPA66 CABLE TIE250 x 3,66718,25.000BLACK
9241CPA66 CABLE TIE160 x 4,84222,25.000BLACK
9251CPA66 CABLE TIE175 x 4,84222,25.000BLACK
9261CPA66 CABLE TIE200 x 4,85022,25.000BLACK
9271CPA66 CABLE TIE250 x 4,86622,25.000BLACK
9281CPA66 CABLE TIE290 x 4,87822,25.000BLACK
9291CPA66 CABLE TIE360 x 4,810022,24.000BLACK
9301CPA66 CABLE TIE430 x 4,812325,83.000BLACK
9321CPA66 CABLE TIE530 x 4,815525,81.000BLACK
9411CPA66 CABLE TIE200 x 7,64954,42.000BLACK
9421CPA66 CABLE TIE250 x 7,66454,42.000BLACK
9431CPA66 CABLE TIE 290 x 7,67754,42.000BLACK
9441CPA66 CABLE TIE360 x 7,69854,42.000BLACK
9451CPA66 CABLE TIE450 x 7,612754,41.500BLACK
9461CPA66 CABLE TIE530 x 7,615254,41.000BLACK
9471CPA66 CABLE TIE750 x 7,621854,4500BLACK
9511CPA66 CABLE TIE530 x 915079,81000BLACK
9521CPA66 CABLE TIE780 x 922879,8500BLACK
CodeDescriptionSize (mm)Max. bundle Ø (mm)Guaranteed min. tensile strenght (kg)Box QtyColour
9050MPA66 CABLE TIE100 x 2,5228,130.000NATURAL
9070MPA66 CABLE TIE140 x 2,5348,125.000NATURAL
9080MPA66 CABLE TIE200 x 2,5538,120.000NATURAL
9090MPA66 CABLE TIE160 x 2,5408,120.000NATURAL
9130MPA66 CABLE TIE140 x 3,63318,220.000NATURAL
9150MPA66 CABLE TIE200 x 3,65118,212.000NATURAL
9240MPA66 CABLE TIE160 x 4,84222,210.000NATURAL
9260MPA66 CABLE TIE200 x 4,85022,210.000NATURAL
CodeDescriptionSize (mm)Max. bundle Ø (mm)Guaranteed min. tensile strenght (kg)Box QtyColour
9051MPA66 CABLE TIE100 x 2,5228,130.000BLACK
9071MPA66 CABLE TIE140 x 2,5348,125.000BLACK
9081MPA66 CABLE TIE200 x 2,5538,120.000BLACK
9091MPA66 CABLE TIE160 x 2,5408,120.000BLACK
9131MPA66 CABLE TIE140 x 3,63318,220.000BLACK
9151MPA66 CABLE TIE200 x 3,65118,212.000BLACK
9241MPA66 CABLE TIE160 x 4,84222,210.000BLACK
9261MPA66 CABLE TIE200 x 4,85022,210.000BLACK

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