extreme bike

Extreme Bike 2015

New goals and a lot of emotions for the cycling team Extreme Bike.

The new year starts with the partecipation to one of the most famous historical  tour in the amateur cycling scene, the Prestige, that gives to two of ours the brevet of the circuit.

We continue the subsequent month with the traditional meeting for a ride over the hills with smiles and overtakings; at the same time came also the first positions in preparation for the season now upon us, which opens with the circuit Alè Challenge. The coveted patent for this circuit is achieved by two of our riders. The GF Liotto Vicenza sees the Extreme Bike with 8 cyclists attendant. 15 of the 7.000 participants in the event Monte Grappa Bike Day dress the shirt Extreme Bike which together with other prestigious gf such as Sportul Dolonit Race (5000 participants), Marathon of the Dolomites (15.000 subscribers), Pinarello and Charly Gaul fill the months of June and July of the E.B. group.

In the subsequent months we were not lacking of activities and we organized rides in various destinations nearby and distant.

In November started the season for “fat bike” of the group, the MTB, and during the usual dinner of the group we had the opportunity to hand over with joy “Top Extreme Bike” awards to athletes who reached the highest  goals of the season.

Many activities are already planned also for 2016 with enthusiasm and passion.

We are with you guys!